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Andy and Pam Brunner have been in the hospitality business in Montgomery County, PA, for 20 years — serving up breakfast and lunch to their loyal local clientele first at their Telford-based Towne Restaurant and now at their Souderton-based Franconia Café & Market.

They drew upon their deep roots in the grocery and restaurant businesses and decided to take on a new venture: baking the crackers in their own commercial kitchen. With the addition of specialized baking equipment and some testing and tweaking until they hit on a winning recipe, they’ve been selling out of the crackers ever since. 

Soup and Snack Oyster Crackers

A multi-generational family-run business that you can count on.

A signature family recipe that takes the original oyster cracker—and makes it better.

Our products don’t leave our kitchen until they meet our high standards—and yours.

NO Artificial Colors, Flavors, or Preservatives. That’s a promise.

Oyster Crackers Montgomery County Pennsylvania

“20 years in the customer service and food industry has taught us that details are the key to quality and service. We have spent those years cultivating an ethical company culture, a wonderful family of employees and recipes that we are proud of. We hope that you enjoy our take on the traditional oyster cracker and look forward to hearing from you about the innovative ways you create recipes using our product.”

Andy & Pam Brunner
Founders of Old Towne Cracker Company  

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